Custom Vanities

Customize your vanity, with choice of style, size, doors, and tops.

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Specialty Sinks

  • We also sell specialty stone sinks.
  • All sinks are made of natural stone. The presence of various natural veins, colours and shades contribute to the beauty that exists in stone products. As a product of nature, variation in colour, texture and movement are inherent characteristics of our sinks.
  • While there is a slight variation in size, shape and colour, the stones listed remain consistent. and to be used as a guideline.
  • As a natural stone product, it is recommended to seal the bowl of the sink with a water based sealer and clean with only water based neutral detergent products. No hard abrasives, strong chemicals or acidic products should be used for cleaning. Using such products can damage stone. Please refer to the sealer and cleaner section for recommended products.
  • Always follow instructions listed on packaging when using sealing and cleaning products.