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Do you need permanent protection against humidity?

Simply apply Clickguard™ on the tops of the tongues and lay the planks according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The results speak for themselves: waterproof joints that do not distort and resist daily wear. Say goodbye forever to humidity problems with Clickguard™. Professional results The high-quality Clickguard™ joint sealant can take any abuse you can subject your flooring to every day. Flooring systems is designed to be reinstalled can be dismantled and re-laid at any time, without damaging the joints. Because Clickguard™ does not glue.

One 110 g tube is enough for 10 m of flooring.


  • Glueless assembly joints, permanently waterproof
  • Perfect for high-traffic flooring systems
  • Can be perfectly laid without any distortion or cracks
  • Colourless sealant that reinforces joints
  • Provides long-lasting protection against humidity


MEYCI black foam underlay.preview


Underlayment with vapour barrier, ideal floating floors such as engineered flooring, laminate flooring, and hardwood flooring.


Product EVA with PE film
Material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Application solid flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring,bamboo flooring,etc.
Thickness EVA 3mm
Thickness PE film 0.06mm
Density 110 Kg/m³
Tensile strength 16Mpa
Elongation 240%
Tearing >=25 KN/m
Compressive strength <6 Kg/cm³
STC 63Db
IIC 60Db



Ultimate Moisture Protection

Vapour seal design prevents upward migration of moisture which prevents damage to your expensive finished floors.

Ultimate Mould Protection

High tech anti-bacterial foam prevents harmful mould growth under carpets, laminate and hardwood floors.

Ultimate Performance

Unique Air Gap design lets your floor breath.
Industry-leading 6,000 lbs/sq.ft compressive strength means that DMX 1-Step will easily support heavy furniture.

True ONE-STEP Easy Installation

Just lay it down, tape it and install your choice of flooring on top. No tools. No trouble.

Maintenance Products

Keep the warmth and natural beauty of your hardwood floors using cleaning product Goodfellow. Goodfellow hardwood floors require minimal maintenance to keep their value for years. The hardwood floors are easy to clean. However, we recommend that you use Goodfellow cleaning products for your floor to keep the original appearance for years to come.

Goodfellow Cleaner

* Specially formulated for the maintenance of your floor with a fresh citrus scent, the Goodfellow floor cleaner is quick and easy to use. This is a non-abrasive product that leaves no residue. Easy to use, you only need to sweep with a broom before the application.

* Instruction: Apply the floor cleaner onto a cloth or mop and go over the entire floor. To remove stubborn marks, apply the cleaner on a damp cloth, scrub and wipe afterwards. The floor cleaner is also available in concentrated size (diluted with 4 parts water to 1).